Careers discovery series

Engaging with students on campus is a great way for you to expose your organisation to our students, and for you to speak to and get to know your potential future employees. It also provides opportunities for students to ask questions and find out more about their career interests. At Sheffield University Management School, we welcome employers to take part in our programme of career and skills development sessions, delivered by the school's Employability Hub.

This series of events brings together employers, professional bodies, alumni and students in four separate week-long activities across the academic year, focusing on our key areas of work at SUMS. These are:

  • Accounting, Banking and Finance
  • Human Resources and People Development
  • Marketing
  • Logistics and Manufacturing

The aim of the Careers discovery series is to showcase these key areas of industry, to help students understand more about the different careers that a degree in Management can lead to. The weeks provide opportunities for networking, skills development and insight into the different sectors and industries. The series is open to Management Students at all levels across our undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

An employer-led session would usually last around 30-40 minutes plus 15-20 minutes at the end for questions. Students are interested to hear insights into your current role and the organisation you work for, your career to date, and any advice you would give to today's graduates applying to work in your organisations.

If you are interested in supporting our students at the Management School, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please get in touch to discuss your idea at: