Volunteer for Enactus Sheffield

Where: United Kingdom

Deadline: December 8, 2019

Type: Volunteer

What is Enactus?

Over 2,500 students are a part of the Enactus UK network and have improved the lives of 26,000 people, within the last year. Enactus Sheffield is proud to be ranked in the top 8 of 61 university teams. Being a HEAR accredited programme, it compliments and enriches your life as a student, while encouraging socially responsible practices within business. Enactus Sheffield is currently operating 10 diverse projects on local and international levels.

Below is an outline of what being a part of Enactus Sheffield is all about:

- Establish scalable, sustainable and successful social enterprise’ that tackle economic, environmental and social issues. Teams advance these throughout the year, meeting every Wednesday.

- Develop entrepreneurial and professional skills through training and support, from Enactus UK, our sponsor companies (e.g. Ford Motor Company, Amazon and Unilever) and University Advisers.

- Use entrepreneurial action to empower individuals to improve their lives, whilst working towards the 17 UN sustainable solution goals.

- Compete in regional and national competitions, against 60 other Enactus university teams; for a chance to represent the United Kingdom at the Enactus World Cup.

We are now recruiting for roles for our Local Portfolio Projects: Motion & GAB


A city-wide social enterprise delivering interactive and inclusive exercise sessions for older people. Motion improves physical and emotional wellbeing - reducing falls and combatting social isolation. Furthermore, Motion offers employment, training and mentoring, as instructors, to those who need it most. The project’s success has been recognised by Ford Motor Company, awarding Motion with a grant of £25,000. Motion is currently operating in 23 care homes and lunch clubs & working with a NHS researchers to measure it’s impact in a rigorous study.


GAB is a social enterprise reducing social isolation,tackling stigma and spreading deaf awareness. Lack of awareness and understanding about the struggles of the deaf community often leads to a lack of consideration. Consequently there are growing feelings of isolation and people suffering with mental health issues. We aim to combat these issues by teaching basic sign language lessons to widen communication. These sessions will be provided to businesses which will allow them to become more aware and be more inclusive through communication with deaf employees. Existing sessions and interpreters are currently unaffordable, therefore sessions will also be offered to communities at a low cost.

Why should you apply?

We are looking for motivated students who are passionate about tackling economic, environmental and social issues in our local and international communities. As a Enactus member you will be working among a team of people with similar interests, and who feel equally keen to incite change in society, through entrepreneurial action. As a member, you will be expected to commit to the progress of Enactus Sheffield, while benefiting from the plethora of opportunities that a leadership position offers you.

You will be expected to commit at least 4 hours per week into Enactus and available for our weekly Wednesday meetings 17:00-19:00.

How can you apply?

Click here to apply for this role.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Enactus Sheffield HR Director, Ella Ellis: eellis@enactussheffield.org.uk