Terms and Conditions

As attendees on an International Summer School programme our students will be Ambassadors for the University of Sheffield. Participants on summer school programmes will be expected to meet the following terms and conditions:

1. Summer school scholarships are offered to Management School students who:

  • choose one of SUMS summer school options
  • have successfully completed the Autumn examinations/assessments with an overall pass rate of 60% for postgraduate programmes and 50% for undergraduate programmes
  • have excellent English language skills
  • are enthusiastic, pro-active and willing to participate in all summer school activities, including group work and presentations
  • have provided a relevant and legible statement which meets the requested criteria on the application form

2. Payment for the summer school programme fee and accommodation must be met by the student initially and then claimed back after completion of the programme. Proof of payment and attendance must be submitted with the claim form.

3. Support will be provided for the registration with the host summer school provider.

4. Support will be provided with the visa application process upon request.

5. Recommended travel options will be offered but students are expected to make their own arrangements.

6. All pre-summer school assignments must be completed by the given deadline. There could be up to 20 hours of assignment work and further reading time before the summer school commences. The amount of work is dictated by the host Business School or University. As summer schools fall within the dissertation period, students must be prepared to factor in this time when applying for a summer school.

7. Students must be prepared to be pro-active during the summer school period and fully engage in group assignments and project work. Students are expected to participate in:

  • Full attendance at taught classes and company/information visits
  • Full participation in group assignments and discussions
  • Full participation in social gatherings and course arrival/departure meetings/celebrations
  • Full compliance with the regulations of the chosen Summer School

8. Provide evidence of summer school participation by completing the feedback questionnaire.

9. Students who do not comply with, or complete, the summer school’s programme activities will not be eligible to receive the full scholarship payment.

10. An automatic dissertation extension will be granted to all summer school participants for the duration of the summer school, ie a one week dissertation extension will be given to a student who attends a one week summer school. Extensions are allowed up to three weeks only as any further extensions will put students at risk of being unable to graduate in the same academic year. This must be considered when applying for a summer school which is three weeks in duration.

11. Students must attend a pre-summer school meeting with the Summer School Co-ordinator where they will be given the opportunity to meet other students and ask questions about the programme.

12. The Summer School ECTS credits are not transferrable to Management School programmes.

13. By accepting the scholarship, the applicant’s personal details will be submitted to the relevant international university/business school by the Sheffield University Management School, in order to achieve waivered fees.

You can download a copy of the Terms and Conditions here.